Raw Deal (1948) Anthony Mann

Raw Deal was Anthony Mann’s second film with John Alton as cinematographer. It was a cinematic marriage that produced some of the finest low budget film noirs in cinema. Both Mann and Alton did excellent work with others, but together their sensibilities were simpatico. It was like they each knew what the other wanted. A […]

The Long Goodbye (1973) Robert Altman

Back in 1973, when I first saw The Long Goodbye, at the Trans-Lux East on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan, I did not like it. My mind set at that point in time was pure Bogart. I left the theater thinking Altman really missed the boat. I never watched the film again, that is, until just […]

The Unfaithful (1947) Vincent Sherman

David Goodis is in the pantheon of pulp fiction’s great crime writers. Though not as well known, he’s up there right alongside Chandler, Cain and Hammett. For years Goodis’ work was serialized in magazines and published in book form. Serialized in The Saturday Evening Post, his novel, Dark Passage gave him his big break. Hollywood […]

Gone Girl (2014) David Fincher

On the surface, Gone Girl appears to be nothing more than a trashy mystery. But, under the pretext of a thriller, both director David Fincher and author/screenwriter Gillian Flynn have created a complex noir like film; a dark, twisted venomous satire about marriage, childhood trauma, parents, illusions and the media. It brings to mind questions like, […]

A Walk Among the Tomstones (2014) Scott Frank

 A Walk Among the Tombstones has been receiving a wide mix of reviews. Criticized, correctly, for its brutal and nauseating treatment of its female victims. There are a few scenes early on of violent misogynistic behavior, verging on the pornographic, which certainly could have been handled with more taste. The film has also been slammed for Liam […]