Please allow me to introduce myself……

I am starting this blog since I have been obsessed with movies since childhood. Growing up in NYC, I was fortunate enough to watch “Million Dollar Movie” on Channel 9. Every week they played a different movie repeatedly. Once or twice a day during the week and three times a day on weekends. Continuous showings! RKO Pictures was one of the first studios to sell their films to TV and “Million Dollar Movie had them. “King Kong”, “Top Hat”, “Hunchback of Nortre Dame and so many others. They even played foreign films like “Two Women.”

There was also the Early Show, the Late Show and in the early 1960’s came Saturday Night at the Movies with newer releases. Channel 5 (WNEW) was another goldmine for movies featuring many Warner Brothers films. On Sunday afternoons you could be sure to be spending it with Bogart, Cagney, Davis ,Flynn and Robinson. TV at the time was like having you own repertory theater right in your own home, and it was free. Well almost, this was commercial TV and there were commercials and films were interrupted with little regard for what was going on in the movie. Also, the films were cut, not just for objectionable material but for time contraints. You can’t show a two hour movie in two hours and have commercials. However, I did get to see a lot films and my love grew. As I got older, I discovered repertory theaters in Manhattan, the Museum of Modern Art and its great film programs. NYC was a great place to grow up in if you loved movies.

Other interest include photography, writing, and reading. i now live in the Tampa Bay area with my wife and four cats.

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