Al Pacino in Conversation with Lawrence Grobel

    “Al Pacino in Conversation with Lawrence Grobel” is probably as close, as we will ever get to an autobiography from Al Pacino. This series of interviews taken over a thirty-year period covers Pacino’s youth and his career including his thoughts and ideas on the life of an actor. Pacino comes across as a dedicated actor who is still in love with the theater. He discusses how he creates, prepares and researches for a role. He talks in detail about the movies he been in, fame and even goes on in depth about the films he’s directed and how he finds them hard to let go.

    . He discusses his being famously reluctant for doing interviews and he tells a story about reading a biography of Montgomery Clift and then watching “A Place in the Sun” and how he became so fascinated with the guy he read about that he was distracted from his performance and the film itself. And that what he is trying to preserve. Keeping the character pure by not revealing too much about yourself.

    For those looking for the latest Entertainment Tonight type gossip they will be highly disappointed. For those looking for a serious actor discussing the craft of acting and the life of an actor, well then you came to the right place.

    A must read.


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