What Are You Watching on New Year’s Eve

    I don’t do New Year’s Eve parties. My wife likes to stay at home and me, well, ever since I had a job years ago where I had to work as late as 10PM on New Year’s Eve I came to dislike the New Year’s revelry. Fortunately, I am no longer in that job. What has become an annual tradition is coming up with some favorite movies to watch on New Year’s Eve. I have four marathon sets that I usually choose from, though I’m open to trying something new. Which will it be this year; well the final decision isn’t made until the last minute because it all depends on the mood I’m in. The films on my list are all light and fun. I don’t want to be watching Bergman’s “The Seventh Seal” on New Year’s Eve. Anyway, I am going to list the four marathons in the order that I have spent the most New Year’s Eve’s watching.


1-Marx Brothers marathon consisting of “Duck Soup”, “Horse Feathers” and “Monkey Business.” For a while, it seemed like almost every other year I played the Marx Brothers films, though it has been two years now so they are a strong contender for this year.


2- Woody Allen marathon consisting of “Annie Hall”, “Manhattan” and “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” If there is anyone I love more than the Marx Brothers, it’s Woody Allen, so ending the year and bringing in the year with Woody could be the way to go. If fact, that’s how I started 2008 with Woody Allen.


3- Gene Kelly marathon consisting of “Anchors Aweigh”, “On the Town” and “Singin’ in the Rain.” Joyous, fun and some of the greatest dancing ever!


4- Billy Wilder marathon consisting of “Some Like it Hot” and “The Apartment.”  I have recently watched these films so they are long shots for this year’s marathon. Then again, I never get tired of them.



So which will it be? I don’t know, though right now, I am leaning toward the Marx Brothers however, today is only December 28th and I am currently reading a new book called “Sinatra in Hollywood.” I have just finished reading chapters on the three Sinatra-Kelly musicals, which certainly has whetted my appetite to watch my Kelly marathon.  Of course, like I said earlier, the Marx Brothers films I have not watched on New Year’s Eve for a couple of years so……..then again there’s Woody. What to do?


I would love to hear if anyone out there watches movies on New Year’s Eve. What do you watch? Maybe I ‘m ready for something completely different. Hmmm, maybe a Monty Python marathon.


Happy New Year to all!!!

2 comments on “What Are You Watching on New Year’s Eve

  1. R. D Finch says:

    I watched “City Lights” on New Year’ Eve. I hadn’t seen it since the first film class I took in college. Delightful! On Christmas, I watched “Casablanca.” It was as enjoyable as ever, and this time I was wowed by how well directed and edited it is.


  2. John Greco says:

    “City Lights” is such a wonderful film. My wife and I had the opportunity to see it one time with a full orchestra playing. That was a amazing experience.

    I ended up selecting a Marx Brothers movie to watch, “A Night at the Opera.” Funny stuff though I must admit the musical interludes are pretty bad and ruin the flow for me . I always preferred their earlier Paramount films.

    Thanks for sharing.


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