Jean Arthur on TCM

vous ne l'emporterez pas avec vous

To my delight, over the next month  Turner Classic Movies will be  showing some of Jean Arthur’s classic films.  More importantly, for me personally, some of the films I have never seen and am looking forward too.  Since I just wrote about “Easy Living” it is all very timely and I thought I share the upcoming flicks.

Jan 25th (10AM) – The Whole Town’s Talking – Dir. John Ford

Feb 2nd (12:45AM) – You Can’t Take it With You – Dir. Frank Capra

Feb. 3rd (8PM) – The More the Merrier – Dir. George Stevens

Feb. 6th (2PM) – Only Angels Have Wings – Dir. Howard Hawks

Feb. 9th (8PM) – The Devil in Miss Jones – Dir.  Sam Wood

Feb. 18th (9:15AM) Talk of the Town – Dir. George Stevens

Feb. 23rd (5:45PM) Arizona – Dir. Wesley Ruggles 






2 comments on “Jean Arthur on TCM

  1. Judy says:

    Hi John, I don’t think I’ve seen many films with Jean Arthur, but I’ve just seen her with Cary Grant in the movie everyone has been telling me to see, Only Angels Have Wings, which I enjoyed very much. Maybe we’ll get more of her movies on TCM over here in the UK too!


  2. John Greco says:

    Glad you liked “Only Angels Have Wings.”

    I’m recording “The More the Merrier” tonight and “The Devil in Miss Jones in a few days, two films I have yet to see.


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