Death of Estelle Bennett of The Ronettes


The Ronettes were THE girl group of the early 1960’s with their classic song “Be My Baby”   embodying the pre-Beatles Rock and Roll sound of the period. Estelle Bennett who passed away on February 14th was lead singer Ronnie Spector’s older sister and one third of the famed group.

 The Ronettes only appeared in one movie, the concert film “The Big TNT Show” directed by Larry Peerce.

Estelle also appeared in an episode of “China Beach.” 

The group’s fame did not last long. They broke up in 1966 yet their legacy and classic tunes remain part of a more innocent era that would soon end.   

 Attached below are two articles from the New York. Times   

Estelle Bennett Dies

 A Life of Troubles


3 comments on “Death of Estelle Bennett of The Ronettes

  1. R. D Finch says:

    Ever since I saw “Mean Streets,” “Be My Baby” has been my favorite rock song of all time. Every element of it is perfect: Ronnie Spector’s emotive singing, the vastness of the wall-of-sound production, that drum part by Hal Blaine, considered by some aficionados the best drum performance on any rock song. The Ronettes, who I believe were inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame a year or two ago, are considered by some to be a one-song phenomenon. But what a song! I also very much like “Walkin’ in the Rain” and “Have I Ever Told You?”


  2. John Greco says:

    True, they only had a couple of hits but “Be My Baby” was a massive one! It is one of those songs that echo’s the best of that period in Rock and Roll. I put it in the same class with Dion’s “The Wanderer” – tough New York street rock and roll. A good antidote to the Frankie Avalons, the Bobby Rydells and the Fabians that Dick Clark was pushing at the time turning Rock and Roll into pabulum.

    Yes, they were inducted into the R n R Hall of Fame in 2007.


  3. Vincent says:

    Ah, the “TNT Show.” IIRC, one of the dancers there was a young Teri Garr.


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