Film Forum – Jules Dassin Tribute


 Starting Friday the Film Forum is presenting a 12-day tribute to director Jules Dassin who passed away last year. Dassin’s career can be split into two parts, his Hollywood period and his expatriate period. Both are rich in cinematic treasures.

Works include:


Reunion in France

Night and the City

Brute Force

The Naked City

Thieves Highway (Click here for a review I wrote at HALO-17)



Never on Sunday

He Who Must Die

10:30PM Summer


All these films are included in the tribute plus others. 


 Click here for the schedule.




Recent New  York Times article on Dassin.


Dassin article from the Museum of the Moving Image


New York Times Obituary.


Salon article – Jules Dassin The Early Years.



Original reviews of Jules Dassin films from The New York Times 

Brute Force                                                night1

The Naked City


Never on Sunday


Thieves’ Highway

Night and the City

Never on Sunday

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