Film Forum – Con Film Festival May 8th – 21st

Starting May 8th, and for two weeks Crime does pay at the Film Forum in NYC. Cons, ex cons, chain gangs, prison riots, life behind bars, and more will be on display. It’s a festival of cinematic corruption brought to you by Hollywood’s best crime makers! 

Films in the festival included White Heat, Cool Hand Luke, Riot in Cell Block 11, Ladies They Talk About, The Prisoner of Shark Island, Escape From Alcatraz, Birdman of Alcatraz and many more.   


Here’s a link to the website.

Here are some links on films in the festival  I have previously reveiwed.

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang 

Sullivan’s Travels

Angels With Dirty Faces  

Here are some links to reviews by other bloggers on films in this festival.  

Cool Hand Luke

Brute Force






4 comments on “Film Forum – Con Film Festival May 8th – 21st

  1. Judy says:

    This sounds like a fascinating season. Wouldn’t it be great to see some of these on the big screen – especially the three Cagney movies included, all of which are classics. ‘Each Dawn I Die’ must be one of the most devastating prison movies I’ve seen.

    I saw John Ford’s ‘The Prisoner of Shark Island’ on DVD last year and was impressed by Warner Baxter’s performance – that film is also another horrific depiction of prison life.


  2. John Greco says:

    I saw “The Prisoner of Shark Island” years ago and it recently was on TCM though I have yet to watch it again. Hope it watch and maybe write about it.

    I would love to see these films on the big screen. This kind of thing is one of the reasons I miss about living in New York.


  3. Guy Budziak says:

    So glad to see a still from CAGED included, as con movies go this one’s a total blast, a real tour de force. I just returned from NYC after seeing three Duvivier films, LA TETE D’UN HOMME, LA BELLE EQUIPE, and LA BANDERA. Great stuff, LA TETE was a revelation, more people have got to see this one, definitely noir. The most memorable scene from LA BANDERA shows foreign legion soldier Jean Gabin sitting in a Middle Eastern cafe watching a topless dancer perform while being set upon by transvestites. An astonishing sight to be sure.


  4. John Greco says:

    “Caged” is a good film with nice performances by Eleanor Parker and Hope Emerson. Saw it for the firs time a few years ago on TCM. I haven’t seen any Duviver films, though I just looked them up on IMDB and they sound interesting. Will have to check to them out.


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