Gloria Grahame on TCM All Day August 13th


Thursday is an all day Gloria Grahame marathon on TCM starting at 6AM with Blonde Fever. Other films inlcude Crossfire, A Woman’s Secret, The Bad and the Beautiful, Chandler, In a Lonely Place and The Big Heat.

 It is going to be one hot night!

Check out Movie Morlocks! They have been doing a series of five articles on my favorite femme fatale.   Click here  to get there.

 Attached here is my own little tribute that I did a while back.


5 comments on “Gloria Grahame on TCM All Day August 13th

  1. Susie says:

    I saw the shows todsy and Gloria Grahame has a beautiful voice. Could you tell please me the name of a Gloria Grahame CD?
    Thank you.


  2. John, my blog had double the normal visitors (not that there’s that many to begin with) yesterday with people looking for Gloria Grahame! She resonates, doesn’t she?


  3. Sam Fox says:

    Watched the film Crossfire tonight from Netflix…
    Gloria…what a classy lady.A real woman,all woman.
    Thank you Gloria for being you…


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