The Movie Projector Make IMDB’s Hit List

Our friend R.D. Finch’s excellent The Movie Projector made IMDB’s daily hit list.  If you have not checked out this blog you need too! Congratulations R.D.!


4 comments on “The Movie Projector Make IMDB’s Hit List

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    This is FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This could not hav ehappened to a nicer guy, and a more talented one too!!!!!!


  2. R. D. Finch says:

    John, I was out of town yesterday and didn’t get home until late, so I didn’t even turn on my computer all day. I first read about this at Wonders in the Dark, and now I understand they got the news from you. I can only thank you for your continuing support, which I can honestly say I’m deeply grateful for. It’s appreciation like that which keeps me writing!


    • John Greco says:

      Well deserved recognition R.D. What surprised me was some of the nasty comments that were left. It is fine to disagree but have some class, some cool about what and how you act. It was obvious many comments came from folks with tunnel vision who refuse to as they say “expand their horizons.” Anyway, this in no way distracts from your work and the accomplishment.


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