Christmas Interlude #1 – Vintage Christmas Movie Posters

Starting today and going through the holiday season Twenty Four Frames will be celebrating Christmas with, for lack of a better name, some “Christmas Interludes.”  These will appear every few days and will consist of various Christmas themed (mostly movie related)  posters, photos, ads, etc. that have “gathered here on my desk” (thanks Andy Rooney). Hopefully, they will spread joy and cheer or at least a smile.  And don’t worry, or do worry depending how how you feel about it, I will still be posting my regular reviews and essays.

Without further ado today’s feature is a series of Vintage Christmas Posters from some of our favorite holiday films.   

A Chrstimas Carol 1938

Christmas Evd poster

Night Before Christmas Tom and Jerry

Holiday Affair197016.1020.A


8 comments on “Christmas Interlude #1 – Vintage Christmas Movie Posters

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    A priceless collection here John! Your collection of posters and old photographs is second to none, and your selection here frames the holiday spirit beautifully. I dare say some of these films will be part of the itinerary for the month. Lovely.


  2. Wow, that’s a wonderful collection of vintage movie posters. Must have been a really nostalgic ride down the memory lane for you 🙂


    • John Greco says:

      I do hope I did not give the impression I actually have these posters, or maybe I am reading the comments wrong. Most of what you will see is the result of searching the web and compiling a theme driven post.

      I especially like the Tom and Jerry poster as well as the poster for the Reginald Owen version of ‘A Christmas Carol’.


  3. Judy says:

    Wonderful selection of posters – as a fellow fan of gritty Warner offerings, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’m especially intrigued by the not-very-festive Christmas Eve poster! Great cast list for that one too, have you seen it, John?


    • John Greco says:

      Judy – Despite George Raft and Joan Blondell this is not a Warners film. It was released by United Artists and produced by an independent company.

      I saw the film a few years ago. The poster is misleading as it is more of a comedy/drama. Three adopted sons who have went their separate ways since adulthood come home, on Christmas Eve, to help their mother when her nephew attempts to have her committed and steal her money. The film is structured as three different stories that eventually come together.

      If I were to rate the film it would get a 5 out of 10 and that is generous. For me it was worth seeing for the cast (Blondell and Raft mainly) but not something I would revisit.


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