Christmas Interlude #6 Vintage Christmas Ads with the Stars

Ann Southern and Lucky Strikes 


Chesterfield Cigarettes brought out the stars for the holidays

Arthur Godfrey, Bing Crosby, Perry Como and Bob Hope


Seems like all the stars liked advertising for ciggies. Lucy and Desi favorite killer is Philip Morris. 


And Bonzo the Chimp’s favorite co-star was sending CHESTERFIELDS to all his friends.


Here is Sammy Davis Jr. for Alka Seltzer 




Hope for the Holidays

……and Crosby

The Great One – Jackie Gleason

Sean Connery and Jim Beam


2 comments on “Christmas Interlude #6 Vintage Christmas Ads with the Stars

  1. Judy says:

    Great selection of ads – I wonder if many people really ever gave packs of cigarettes as a Christmas present? The whisky ad with Sean Connery is especially striking – I note he didn’t dress up as Santa, but stayed firmly in Bond mode. I don’t think such a sexy drinks ad would be allowed nowadays, somehow…


    • John Greco says:

      Judy- I remember my father getting and giving cigarettes cartons as gifts to and from co-workers.

      I find the cigarette ads almost shockingly naïve and there us Ronald Reagan stating he is giving Chesterfields to all his friends. I hate to think what he would give to people he is not that crazy about


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