Christmas Interlude #7 Christmas Greetings from the Stars

Joan Crawford was just twenty years old when these Christmas publicity photos were taken in 1925. In two of the three photos Joan does not look very happy. Maybe she got wire hangers for Christmas. 


Crawford 1925joan8

Joan CrawfordSanta Toys

Holiday cheer from Bette Davis. The photo is by Cecil Beaton.

The Santa’s I came across never looked as cute as Janet Leigh here wishing all a happy holiday.

Nice and Cozy with Ann-Margret for the Holidays.

Fortunately actress Julie Adams got away from ‘The Creature from the Black Lagoon” long enough to pose for this holiday treat. Rock’ around the Christmas tree, Julie.

Now why didn’t my wife get all dressed up like Kim Novak is here when we decorated our tree?

Of course Marilyn’s outfit is another way to go.

Joey Heatherson brightens up Perry Como’s Christmas 

….and Season’s Greeting from Barbara Stanwyck. 

4 comments on “Christmas Interlude #7 Christmas Greetings from the Stars

  1. Cozy with Ann-Margret for the holidays… Now, that‘s a merry Christmas! Baby, it’s cold outside…!

    Thanks for these great pics, John, one and all!


  2. Sam Juliano says:

    Well, we have a snowstorm heading in this way in a few hours in the NYC Metropolitan area that could drop a foot of snow on us. It’s always cozy to look at such beautiful Golden Age humanity in the appropriate garb. You picture collection continutes to amaze. I like that quip about Crawford too! Ha!


    • John Greco says:

      The snowstorm looks like a big one. We had some heavy rains yesterday that were part of the same storm system that’s now going up the eastern coast. Hpoe it does not cause too much havoc. Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on some movies in the house. Stay warm and safe.


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