Remembering Those Artists Who Have Died……2009

They were all my friends, and they died”- Jim Carroll (People Who Died) 

A remembrance to those artists whose talents have enriched our lives, moved our hearts , inspired our minds and just plain entertained us over the years. They are gone but they have left behind legacies that we will not forget.

 Ellie Greenwich

Estelle Bennett

Paul Burke

Robert Anderson                                         

                    Karl Malden

Dan O’Bannon

Merce Cunningham

Britney Murphy

                              Jennifer Jones  

Jim Carroll (Writer, Musician)

Irving Penn

Val Avery

Maurice Jarre

Paul Naschy

Gene Barry

Arnold Laven

Michael Jackson

Soupy Sales

                      Al Martino  

Mary Travers

Patrick Swayze

Les Paul

John Hughes 

                              Budd Schulberg 

Frank McCourt

Gale Storm

Farrah Fawcett

Ed McMahon 

                           David Carradine  

Dom DeLuise

Arnold Stang

Beatrice Arthur

                                  Natasha Richardson

Horton Foote

James Whitmore

John Updike

Andrew Wyeth

Ricardo Montalban 

                             Patrick McGohoon

Pat Hingle

Donald Westlake 

Robin Wood 

                                   Charis Wilson  

Paul Wendkos 

Carl Ballantine 

                      Lou Jacobi  

Joseph Wiseman

Rosanna Schiaffino

Stuart Kaminsky 

                      Dorothy Coonan Wellman   

Henry Gibson

Larry Gelbart 

Sammy Petrillo 

                          Billy Lee Riley  

Brenda Joyce 

Koko Taylor

                       Jack Cardiff

Helen Levitt

Ron Silver

Betsy Blair

Howard Zieff 

Dewey Martin

Bob Willoughby

10 comments on “Remembering Those Artists Who Have Died……2009

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    John: This is absolutely beautiful beyond words, and so very poignant. The choices are precise and I scrolled through, reliving all the memories with each. Perhaps the most tragic was the youthful passing of Miranda Richardson. The one that really hit my family hard was the death of Michael Jackson, but so many remembrances of icons like Karl Malden, Jennifer Jones and Budd Schulberg, whom I was lucky to meet personally during an ON THE WATERFRONT tour in Hoboken back in 2003. John Updike and Robert Anderson were great literary figures that I mourned. And then there was cinematographer Jack Cardiff, who was one of the best ever. Patrick Swayze’s fight inspired us all.

    John, this is really something.


    • John Greco says:

      Thanks Sam,

      Yes, I remember your discussion about how you and your family were affected by MJ’s death and your remembrance of your meeting with Schulberg. I guess the people whose deaths affected me most on this list are Karl Malden, author Donald Westlake whose novels I enjoyed and Larry Gelbart, IMO a brilliant writer of comedy. Then again, there are people like Lou Jacobi who I was fortunate enough to see in Woody Allen’s first play “Don’t Drink the Water” and who is fondly remembered from so many movies (Irma La Douce) and TV. There is Ellie Greenwich, who younger folks may not be familiar with, but the songs she wrote or co-wrote are part of the soundtrack of my life (Be My Baby, Leader of the Pack, Do Wahl Daddy Diddy Diddy and Rive Deep, Mountain High). It is always sad when talent is silenced.


  2. Thanks for remembering Paul Burke.


  3. I’d also include composer Maurice Jarre in that list.


  4. Judy says:

    A great list, John, and sad to think how many greats we have lost this year. My daughter, who is 20, is a big fan of Ellie Greenwich, so at least some younger people do know about her – we saw a good musical drama based on her life a couple of years ago at the New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. I love Natasha Richardson’s performance in Merchant-Ivory movie The White Countess in particular and her passing at such a young age was so tragic. I’m also especially interested in the obituary you linked for Dorothy Coonan Wellman, since I’ve been getting into her husband’s movies recently and it is interesting to know more about her too – she clearly had a lot of talent as an actress and dancer in her own right. This posting is a great and poignant idea as the year ends.


  5. John Greco says:

    Judy, that sounds interesting, that is the musical based on Ellie Greenwich and about your daughter’s interest, good to hear. Richardson’s unfortunate death was a tragedy for sure, a talented woman and of course a mother. I thought of you when I posted Dorothy Coonan Wellman’ information. Have you seen her in “Wild Boys of the Road?”


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