Visit My New Blog “Watching Shadows on the Wall”

 I know, I know, just what the world needs now another blog! So why am I starting this? Well, there have been times I wanted to write on other topics outside of the scope of Twenty Four Frames. Topics of interest like books, photography, music, cats, TV, movies (that do not fit into the framework of 24Frames) and any random thoughts that may spill out of my head. 

    I also wanted a place where I could catalog articles I found on the web on subjects, ideas I am interested in and may be of interest to others. In other words, I want a place for my stuff, as George Carlin would say. Everyone needs a place for there stuff. 

     Whatever I write about the postings will be  short, as most of my time will still be devoted to 24 Frames. There are already a couple of postings to get things started.  

    The blog’s title is “Watching Shadows on the Wall” ,  and if you haven’t guessed already, the title is a line from the John Lennon song, “Watching the Wheels.”


One comment on “Visit My New Blog “Watching Shadows on the Wall”

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    I just checked it out John and it looks great! I’ll b eadding it to our blogroll today.


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