Times Square Revisited – Astor Theater

The Astor Theater began life as a legit theater converting to a movie theater in 1925 which it remained until 1972. For the next ten years the lobby was used as retail space. In 1982, the Astor and some of its neighbors were demolished  to make way for the construction of the Marriott Marquis Hotel which included the Marquis Theater.

One of the things I miss about the Times Square scene of old are the grand movie advertising signs. I caught the end of this era in the 1960’s and remember well the gigantic block long sign advertising John Huston film, THE  BIBLE. I hope you enjoy these photos below.

The Astor Theater presents Alfred Hitchcock’s “Spellbound”

Elia Kazan’s “Baby Doll” written by Tennessee Williams

Another Williams work, “The Rose Tattoo” is being presented

That is “Kismet” playing at the Astor.

MGM used The Astor to showcase its biggest films 

Lloyds of London

Grand Hotel

In 1954 Jules Vernes “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”

In 1936, “The Great Ziefeld” 

4 comments on “Times Square Revisited – Astor Theater

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    John, again you really have outdone yourself! What a treat marveling at all of these, especially if you are a nostalgia buff as I am. Yes, this is an era gone by for decades. I know the location of The Astor quite well. Recently after maybe 15 years, the Times Square Video megastore closed its doors too. But 42nd Street has undergone an impressive cultural remaissance.


    • John Greco says:

      I did visit that video store back a few years ago on some trips to NYC. As for the Astor, i remember going there once with some older cousins of mine (they were old enough to drive) and we saw IRMA LA DOUCE, so it had to be in 1963 sometime. Thanks again, Sam!!!


  2. Neil Lipes says:

    John here is another…..how do I paste it here?


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