Just to let everyone know I will have no access to a PC for the next eight days or so. I am taking a short vacation and should be back on-line around the middle of next week. That said, I do have scheduled a couple of new postings coming up so please continue to stop by. I just will not be able to respond to any comments that are left until I am back on-line.

3 comments on “Announcement

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    John: I wish you and your wife an enjoyable and relaxing respite. Your fans will surely hold the fort here!


  2. David R. Crosby says:

    Dear John,

    I hope you and Mrs. Greco are going somewhere that offers peace and relaxation.

    Best wishes.

    Dave Crosby


  3. John Greco says:

    Thanks guys! We had a great time driving down the California coast from Oakland to Carmel. Spent a few days there and then drove to San Francisco for four days.

    In the next few days I hope to post some photos I took. Some film related ones here and some others over at


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