Newspaper Movie Ads of Yesteryear # 3 – Revivals and Rereleases

Before Cable TV, before downloading,  before Blu-Ray, DVD’s VHS, Beta and all, there were revival movie houses, and theatrical rereleases.  Those days are mostly gone except for a few major cities where one or two theaters still show older films and a few other cities that have summer film festivals that generally consist of the standard Hollywood classics (Casablanca, Gone WIth the Wind, Yankee Doodle Dandy, and a Grease sing a long). This posting of Newspaper Ads focus’ on ads of not just revival houses but regular theatres that would show rereleases of older films, a more common site than we see today in the age of home video.


5 comments on “Newspaper Movie Ads of Yesteryear # 3 – Revivals and Rereleases

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    Well John, as you know quite well (your endless promotions are an inspiration) NYC has the Film Forum, the IFC and the Walter Reade Theatre to lead teh way with classic cinema, which the Brooklyn Academy of Music manages some worthwhile festivals as well. The Film Forum, in particular is a godsend to cineastes since 1970, and this summer, the Anthony Mann, Charles Chaplin and Hollywood on the Hudson series are providing movie lovers with pure bliss. Your Chaplin posters here are therefore most appropriate, as the Little Tramp will soon feature in a three-week festival of all his films (except the early Essanays) is another venture I plan to hit real hard.

    Wonderful showcasing here again of film history.


    • John Greco says:

      Sam, New York has been and remains a mecca for film lovers. The Film Forum is having a wonderful bunch of series this summer plus THE HEIST festival in the fall. Some of the films include: Blue Collar, Ths Asphalt Jungle, The Killing, The Taking of Pelham, One, Two, Thre and The Lavendar Hill Mob. Below is a link to the entire series.


      • Sam Juliano says:


        Where in the blazes did you get that Film Forum schedule update? They don’t even have it at the theatre itself, where I was last night! I was aware of that “Heist” festival in October, but there isn’t anything specific at the, their official site. You are good!!! Real good!!! Well, I guess I know ehere I’ll be spending a good part of my October now!! Mind you, any aspirations to see every feature -as I’m doing with Mann and plan to do with Chaplin – will never and can never materialize for many reasons. But I hope to see maybe 50% of the most choice offerings.

        Thanks again! Maybe teh official schedules will be over there tonight, as I’m seeing THE FAR COUNTRY and THE TALL TARGET.


  2. John Greco says:

    I hate to take away my mystique (lol) but it is on line. Click on Coming Soon then go to the bottom of the page.


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