Newspaper Movie Ads of Yesteryear #4 – Halloween Horror

This is the fourth in a series as 24 Frames takes a look back at movie ads. Be sure to click on each image to enlarge.                                                                                                                         



16 comments on “Newspaper Movie Ads of Yesteryear #4 – Halloween Horror

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    Boy, somebody’s in the spirit of Halloween here!

    Magnificent display!


  2. Charlie Oakley says:

    Wonderful. It used to be so much better.


  3. Love this kind of stuff…I used to keep scrapbooks of newspaper ads for films when I was a kid…just as my dad did. With newspapers going by the wayside…I wonder, will these types of ads disappear all together?


  4. Judy says:

    Great ads – though the one with “Go you must!” sounds a bit like Yoda!


  5. Where did you find all these excellent newspaper ads? I save all different photos for my Facebook page and my 2nd WordPress page called posters from hell (not yet used only this page is used).

    But I have been searching and searching for stuff like this with little luck


  6. Thank you. Anything I find online is open for anyone to take since I didn’t create it, but some people get really angry lol. If you made it I wouldn’t take without permission, but some people get really mad lol.

    I spend hours collecting this stuff for my albums, but it’s open for anyone to take so they don’t have to do the work, but some get really pissed lol.

    So thank you. Makes it easier so I don’t have to do search after search.

    Like your page as well. Very good stuff.


  7. Larry Lind says:

    I have thousands of original newspaper and magazine ads and some xeroxed onto newsprint from pressbooks and many are cut from original pressbooks and ad slicks, however, I keep nothing newer than 1970 or so and very few of those. I would love to find someone who saves and scrapbooks ads and maybe trade and photocopy trades of older horror, sci-fi, serials and lots more.too.I am nearly 70 and have collected all my life since about 12 or so. I was inactive during some of that time but i still collect and have tons of ads I do not Want any more and those are cheap… but those are not from stars and films I collect on.Anything I have is copyable for a modest fee and the originals are priced fair.I’d be glad to hear from anyone interested.I sometimes sell lots of ads for 10.00 from teens-70’s. and most are 50’s and older but pot luck and lots of B movies.
    Larry Lind By the way, I liked this page mucho!


  8. Bony Hurdle says:

    I love looking at these old movie ads! I was too young to see all but one of those horror movies, and that one was The Shining.

    Saw it opening weekend at The Capitol theater in Brantford. I was 15, and back then in Ontario, one had to be 18 or older to see a restricted film. My parents convinced the ticket seller that since I was with them I’d be okay 🙂

    Probably the only time it felt like I didn’t move watching an entire film.

    Thanks for sharing these, John! Maybe for the 6th one you could do “The Summer Blockbuster”


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