In Memory of Blake Edwards

One of my earliest favorite directors, along with Hitchcock, Wilder, and John Frankenheimer, Blake Edwards has died.  As a young teenager, after having seen “Days of Wine and Roses,” “The Pink Panther,” “A Shot in the Dark” and Experiment in Terror,” all in a short period of time, I noticed Blake Edwards name appeared in the credits of all these  films. Hmm! Maybe I should start paying attention to who wrote and directed these films. It was the beginning of my lifelong obsession with films. While other directors have replaced Edwards in my pantheon he still holds a singular spot and fond remembrances. 

Operation Petticoat

Days of Wines and Roses

The Pink Panther

A Shot in the Dark

Experiment in Terror



The Great Race

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

 Victor, Victoria

and let’s not forget one of the coolest TV PI’s “PETER GUNN.”

2 comments on “In Memory of Blake Edwards

  1. David Crosby says:

    I join you in your sadness over the death of Blake Edwards. His greatest gift as a director of comedy was making things funny. Really funny. Just thinking about scenes from “The Pink Panther” gives me the giggles. A multi-talented man, sophisticated and civilized. His dramas were effective, even groundbreaking, as in the case of “Days of Wine and Roses. I hope some day a talent such as his will rise above the mediocrity and grotesque vulgarity of today’s fare.


    • John Greco says:

      Yes David, Edwards had the ability to cross over the various the various genres and do it all well. “Experiment in Terror” is still one of my favorites thrillers and “A Shot in the Dark” is a beloved comedy. His later films like “SOB” had a satirical bent that cannot be matched today. RIP


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