New Website! New Blog!

I just want to officially announce my new website and blog. Both are dedicated to my photography. On the website photographs are available for purchase. Currently the selection is small and limited to just unmatted prints. However, within the next week or so matted prints will also be available for purchase and more photographs are being added.

I also have a Facebook page setup which I hope you will “Like.”

Here are the links

And I am offering a 20% discount to anyone who when purchasing a  photo  mentions Twenty Four Frames! The only hitch is this…Right now I can only give the discount if you pay by personal check. You can pay by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or Discover BUT currently I cannot give a discount by charge. I am working on how to figure that out and will then update this offer to include credit cards and Paypal.

Whether you buy or not please visit. It’s good to know someone is looking in. Thanks.

Oh, one last thing. This new venture will in no way affect Twenty Four Frames which will continue
to updated with one to two postings a week.  I thank everyone who has been supportive of Twenty Four Frames and hope you continue to do so.



14 comments on “New Website! New Blog!

  1. Awesome news, John! Big big fan of your photography so these new sites seem a natural progression with what you’ve been doing.


  2. John Greco says:

    Thanks David, I appreciate it!


  3. Dave Crosby says:

    John, I cannot tell you how pleased I was with your photographs. I used to do portrait photography as well as other genres and I do have some sense of the trouble you went through to get these remarkable images. But, as you and I both know, all the difficulties aside, it’s only the picture itself that counts.

    Your wildlife shots showed a remarkable sensitivity to the momentary beauty in the behavior of wildlife and display, if I may say this, such a humanitarian attitude toward all of the life surrounding us in nature. You can admire the beauty of birds, for example, and capture it at just the right moment with your lens and also find humor in the behavior of other beings. I find myself wondering about technical matters (which I shouldn’t do, but then again I evaluate technique when I look at paintings and consider it part of the process of appreciating a picture), for example, what length lens you used for the shots of birds. And I do find your landscapes and other shots involving buildings, etc., fascinating. In some of the shots I’m reminded of a film maker rather than another photographer, namely, Michelangelo Antonioni. Your sense of vastnesses or of places abandoned affects me, although your greater sympathy shows through, whereas Antonioni, in certain long shots, was showing loneliness, absence. I look forward to seeing so much more of your work, John, and I urge you to be careful out there in the wilderness. Be sure you take plenty of water.


    • John Greco says:


      I have to give credit to my wife for introducing me to the joys of nature years ago when we first met. She liked birding and wanted to continue pursuing her own passion. So we went birding and I took along my camera. It turned into a passion we both enjoyed from different perspectives. My problem early on was not having a long enough telephoto lens. The birds and other creatures were always too far away. A few years ago I broke down purchased a Sigma 150-500MM zoom lens which is what many of the close up photos of birds were taken with. I still need to get a telephoto extender to add on.

      I do think much of photography is capturing the right moment, paraphrasing the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. It is a combination of patience, timing and a bit of luck. Of course, there are other elements involved, composition, lighting, etc. I love the openness of the landscape, the natural formation of it all.
      Do you still indulge in any photo taking?

      Thank you very much for your extremely kind words and thoughts.


  4. dawn says:

    I will be checking it out. Congrats!! On your new website and blog.


  5. Great John. Great to know you’ve floated a separate site dedicated for your passion for photography. Visited the site just now and browsed through some of your exquisite snaps.


  6. The Lady Eve says:

    Congratulations, John! I’ve seen the great photos you’ve posted on your Facebook page. Beautiful work. Will check out your new blog.


  7. Judy says:

    Congratulations on your new sites, John, and wishing you all the best with them. Your photos are great.


  8. Sam Juliano says:

    John: I hereby offer you the very best wishes on the successful navigation of this exciting new venture! I got the best look at your great work behind the camera at Watching Shadows on the Wall, particularly admiring the gorgeous work you accomplished on your various trips to nature sanctuaries, beaches and forests. Your love for this form has also manifested itself in your poster , newspaper clip and screen cap presentations which also feature your talent of integration. I will keep my eyes on developments with the upcoming availability of photos.


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