In Remembrance

I took this photos of the WTC back in 1975 never imaging the sad future that we would face in 2001.

here’s is the link…

7 comments on “In Remembrance

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    A loving remembrance John. It’s a sad day in the Big Apple today, on the tenth anniversary of that terrible happening, and it gives us a full day to pause for reflection and remember those who perished, and of the families they left behind.


    • John Greco says:

      I was watching NBC’s coverage of the 9/11 events this morning and was just shaken by the pictures, the families reading the names of the ones who were lost. Extremely emotional to say the least.


  2. Dave Crosby says:

    John, I’m not trying to flatter you when I say that your photographic studies of the WTC are the best I have ever seen of this subject. The geometric examples are truly exciting. There is very little in photography that excites me anymore, and so I can say that your work gives hope that innovation can be achieved that isn’t simply trickery and flashy lens work. These pictures reveal a dynamism in this subject that I never saw before, and even if one doesn’t know the subject, the revelation of the energy at work and the beauty of the forms as they are set against each other is superb.

    I congratulate you. In addition, all of the photographs are more than fitting as a tribute to the American ambition and pride in achievement that the structures so boldly represented.


    • John Greco says:


      Thanks very much Dave. At the time I tried in some of these photos to use the Towers as abstract patterns and not just as straight shots. Of course, there are some of those too. Thanks again for the very nice appraisal.


  3. DorianTB says:

    John, I was wowed by your 1975 photos of the World Trade Center. They had a truly kinetic quality, sometimes with an almost psychedelic feel. It’s ironic that around that time, the WTC was considered something of a “white elephant,” with few tenants until the NY Port Authority moved in, only to become a symbol of tragedy and the triumph of the New Yorkers who did their damndest not to let the terrorists win, and still are! I bow to your talent as both a writer and a photographer, my friend!


    • John Greco says:


      I thank you for your very nice words here. The WTC was indeed a ‘white elephant” back in those early days. Time and events though have drastically changed our perspective now. Thanks again!


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