A Hard Day’s Night (1964) Richard Lester

This is my second of seven entries I am writing for the Musical Countdown being hosted by WONDERS IN THE DARK. Here is the link.


Below are some additional posters, Lobby Cards and Stills.

Original Lobby Cards

Original Insert Movie Poster

1982 Release Movie Poster

4 comments on “A Hard Day’s Night (1964) Richard Lester

  1. ClassicBecky says:

    I did not see this movie, John. I must admit to a real early 60′s British Invasion heresy – I loved the Dave Clark Five the best! Now later in the decade, when the Beatles got into the drug years music, I was their loyal fan (not that I’m a die-hard drug addict, just that the music of those years was fabulous). I would give my right arm to have those posters!! Very nice article, John!

  2. John Greco says:

    Thanks Becky! The DC Five were The Beatles biggest competition during those early days of Beatlmania.

  3. DorianTB says:

    John, I’ve been a Beatles fan practically since The Beatles took the world by storm when I was just a tiny tyke; I remember my older siblings and babysitters dancing to their hits! I still love them today, and seeing your Beatles posters was a real treat! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!

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