Blast From The Past: Gold Diggers of 1933

As of many of you know old postings get buried, lost and forgotten in blogging hell. This new mid-week series will  attempt to revive some of my older postings. I have went over the review and corrected some details but the original article remains intact along with all the comments. I am providing a link that will bring you directly to the review. This series will appear occasionally on Tuesdays as part of my new mid-week postings which includes my “Short Takes” series which appeared last week.

Below are few photos and the link…

4 comments on “Blast From The Past: Gold Diggers of 1933

  1. ClassicBecky says:

    John, it doesn’t get much better than Golddiggers of 1933! To me, the best of the Golddiggers series, although I like them all. Busby Berkley was one-of-a-kind and we’ll never see his like again. Funny, witty, and with that marvelous Forgotten Man number — it has everything! Your original article was really good!


  2. John Greco says:

    Thanks Becky,

    This is one of my favorite musicals. That final number just stands out, a wonderful statement that holds true even today.


  3. Sam Juliano says:

    John, this is surely one of the greatest film musicals of all-time, a position that was showcased last year when the film was voted #3 at the WitD musical countdown behind SINGIN IN THE RAIN and WEST SIDE STORY. A major theme of GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 is the Depression and the ironic regard this great masterpiece has for it. Indeed,“We’re in the Money” is delightfully appropriate. Of course this is a romantic comedy fueled by sex, cute misunderstandings and gold-digging and it’s one of the most justly celebrated of the Berkeleys, with it’s lavish, geometrically designed dance routines. The rhythm and the rapid-fire delivery of the dialogue is given wonderful application and the “Pettin in the Park” lyrics and the whole idea of the love of language (and love of life) shines through in a brilliant marriage of language to image. And it goes without saying that a film like this could only have been made in the pre-code era.

    Wonderful presentation here John!


    • John Greco says:

      Thanks Sam,

      I remember how well GOLD DIGGERS were celebrated with the WitD musical countdown. It’s one of my own favorite musicals, one in which Joan Blondell shines as well as the rest of the cast.


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