Twenty Four Frames Now on Facebook

I have just started a Twenty Four Frames Facebook page which will focus exclusively on film, and maybe some TV. Unlike my blog this will be open to discussion on all film, all genres and all types; classic, current Hollywood, art, foreign, independent, documentaries and experimental. I am looking to link not only my own blog articles but will be linking articles from some of my favorite blogs along with other postings from other sources as well as original entries.  Feel free to not only leave comments but add your own postings, links or thoughts. They just have to be film related and at a civil and respectful level. You can disagree all you want but there is no need to see comments like “This film was a piece of X%$#! What the @&$#$# are you talking about?” Leave this kind of commentary in your own backyard or it will be deleted.

That all said, please go to facebook and LIKE Twenty Four Frames.

5 comments on “Twenty Four Frames Now on Facebook

  1. DorianTB says:

    Congratulations on your new Twenty-Four Frames Facebook page, John! We of Team Bartilucci will be sure to “Friend” you if we haven’t already! 🙂


  2. John,
    Sounds like a fun endeavor! I have to admit that I’m not that in to FB, well as much as others but perhaps that’s because I just haven’t used it enough, made the most of it. I look forward to checking out your posts though and join in on the discussions.


  3. Keeping up with you is a constant challenge, John! You are always on the cutting edge. Good luck with this new project. Looking forward to reading your insights into a new realm of entertainment options. What will you do to top this one?


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