Blast From the Past: Jeopardy (1953) John Sturges

TCM is showing this film at noon today so I thought I would feature my review from a while back. Below is the link.

5 comments on “Blast From the Past: Jeopardy (1953) John Sturges

  1. Sounds like a pretty good flick – too bad I missed it. 😦 Also, congrats on your new Board position!


  2. Sam Juliano says:

    well remember Meeker’s performance in THE NAKED SPUR John, and you do rightly assert that his work here is the best of his career. This would certainly appeal to those who favor low budget films from this period but also for Barbra Stanwyck completists and those who appreciate John Sturges. Sullivan is competent, but lacks charisma. Beautifully penned and fascinating review, which serves as a reminder for those to investigate the films that for one reason or another may have escaped the radar.

    It’s available as part of a double feature from Warners, inexpensively:


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