Film Noir at Twenty Four Frames Per Second

A small bit of self promotion here. My first e-book Film Noir at Twenty Four Frames Per Second is now available in the Kindle version on Amazon. Twenty essays and reviews from classics like “Ace in the Hole” and “Detour” to lesser known works like “Cause for Alarm” and “Roadblock” are looked at. Within the next few weeks or less I hope to put out a Nook version over at the Barnes and Noble site. Here is the link…
Book Cover_DSC_0583-002_Final2_small

8 comments on “Film Noir at Twenty Four Frames Per Second

  1. Jacqueline T. Lynch says:

    Congratulations, and best wishes for success on your book.


  2. John Greco says:

    Thanks Jacqueline!


  3. Sam Juliano says:

    Utterly fantastic announcement here John! I certainly will be taking a close look at this myself! Your noir work has always stood out magnificently!

    Congratulations my friend!


    • John Greco says:

      Thank you Sam, there has been a bit of a learning curve to publishing. This is partially due to the fact some of my system requirements on my pc are outdated but I managed to get through it. Thanks again.


  4. Rick says:

    That’s awesome news, John. I hope your book does well. I always enjoy your insightful reviews. Nice cover, too!


  5. Nice going, John! Looks like a fascinating volume.

    Great cover photo, too.


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