Five Thanksgiving Films

A short post to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, plus a short list of post dinner films to watch in lieu of football. Dysfunctional family get together’s are the order of the day. Have a great time!


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A Tribute: Mike Nichols (1931- 2014)

In a brilliant career that spanned more than 50 years Mike Nichols gave us some of the finest works in stage, screen and TV. A short tribute.

Nichols and May

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Three Wise Girls (1932) William Beaudine


Women hooking up with married men. This pre-code (1932) reads like the do’s and don’ts of, as well as the perils of being involved, with a married man. And while Jean Harlow is gorgeous, it’s Mae Clarke, as her long-time girlfriend, and kept woman, who has the meatiest role. Poor Clarke, whenever she teamed up with Harlow she always got the raw end of the lollipop. Here she advises Harlow not to get involved with a rich married man who swears he’s going to divorce his wife. She warns Harlow, “You always end up behind the eight ball.” That’s exactly what happens to Clarke by the end of this short 68 minute programmer. In their earlier film the ladies were in together, The Public Enemy, it was poor Mae who got the grapefruit in the face from James Cagney while Harlow just got Cagney. Continue reading

Short Takes: Recent Releases

Have not done a Short Takes in quite some time. For this edition just a few short reviews on some recent films I have seen in theaters. Continue reading