A “Jaws” 4th of July

Jaws Beach RunI can’t help but not be very surprised by the reaction from authorities in North Carolina after the recent increase in shark attacks – “The beaches will remain open.” After hearing this, the first thought that came into my head was Jaws. The local politicians and business owners in Spielberg’s classic film reacted exactly the same way. It’s the 4th of July weekend, one of the biggest moneymaking times of the year. Closing the beaches will ruin the local economy. Public safety, sure that’s needed, but hey, business first. North Carolina has already experienced seven shark attacks this year. Add in the three attacks that occurred in South Carolina, and that puts the two neighboring states at ten. On average, the two Carolina’s combined normally have about six or seven attacks all year.

Jaws-BillboardIn Jaws, the business owners and mayor pressure Sheriff Brody to keep the beaches open to devastating results. True, the shark in the film was a great white and the sharks in North Carolina are not. But, does it really matter when you are in the water, if even a small shark pops up right next to you?  Checking you out, like you’re his afternoon snack. It can’t be  a good thing.

For myself, the only ocean I will be seeing this holiday weekend will be when I drop my disc of Jaws into my DVD player and take in my annual viewing of Spielberg’s summertime thriller. It’s become kind of a tradition with me to watch this film on the 4th of July. For some, it may watching James Cagney do his George M. Cohan thing in Michael Curtiz’s Yankee Doodle Dandy. For others, it might be the musical 1776 or The Patriot, Rocky IV or Independence Day.

Jaws encompasses the holiday spirit, or at least the part of the holiday spirit that goes terribly wrong. It represents Spielberg at a point in his career where he proved himself a master of the cinematic universe. It’s pulp Hollywood filmmaking at its finest. So grab yourself some hamburgers, or like me, veggie burgers, off the grill, along with a big bag of popcorn, some cold drinks and enjoy the weekend from the safety of your own home.

Have a great holiday weekend!

9 comments on “A “Jaws” 4th of July

  1. I like Jaws, but for the 4th of July, prefer Cagney and YDD. We’ve been in Gulf Shores, AL this week vacationing with family, and the shark discussions have happened amongst us. Fortunately, we’ve only seen dolphins, crabs, some silvery fish jumping out of the water, and jelly fish alerts. 🙂


  2. John Greco says:

    Jenni, understandly YDD is a favorite. It has all the ingredients needed for the holiday. Sounds like you having a good time with your family. Enjoy!


  3. I may be the only person who is not a fan of Jaws! Sorry! But have a fabulous 4th of July! 😀


  4. Have a great 4th of July John. I enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work.

    I would also like to invite you to participate in my upcoming blogathon in August. The link is below with more details



  5. Sam Juliano says:

    My Fourth of July poison is 1776. But who can argue with JAWS or YANKEE DOODLE DANDY. fabulous lead-in and great piece here John!!!


  6. ClassicBecky says:

    John, I always watch Jaws around the 4th of July too! I think it is one of the best movies made, and it always has me riveted to the screen. There are so many wonderful scenes — of course, Robert Shaw’s monologue about the U.S.S. Indianapolis is one of the finest acted and filmed scenes ever. Glad to know somebody else is a Jaws regular too!


    • John Greco says:

      Becky, so glad to hear this! Jaws is one of my many favorite films. The 4th of July just seems like a great time to
      watch it. And with the shark attacks off North Carolina, I just felt like it was life imitating art when I read that NC officials were not going to close the beaches. The local economy needs the tourism on what is their biggest weekend. I felt like they were reading right from the Spielberg script.


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