Lessons in the Dark – Now Available

My latest e-book, Lessons in the Dark, is now available exclusively at Amazon. com. Why Lessons? Simply because watching movies for me has always been more than just entertainment. It was art, history and it was education. I have found many classic (old) films to still be  relevant to our lives today.  For example, my father always talked about how tough it was growing up during  The Great Depression. However, it was not until I watched films like Wild Boys of the Road and The Grapes of Wrath  that I truly began to understand what it was like. I also came to see how today many of these old films have remained relevant to our society and can teach us not to repeat our mistakes.

In this book I  have compiled a series of essays on films that reflect one or more of these themes. I hope you enjoy.  Below is a link to Amazon.


Book Cover Lessons in the Dark Final Final

Once a Thief (1965) Ralph Nelson

Thief7   The first time I saw Once a Thief was back in 1965. It was at a third tier theater called the Harbor located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Why do I remember this? Most likely, because watching the film back then, with a non-critical eye, I just liked it. I always liked crime films and having already discovered Cagney, Bogart and Garfield on TV it seemed like a pretty good fit. It may have also had something to do with Ann-Margret who for a few years in the sixties I possibly had a crush on. Well, alright I did have a crush on her! Can you blame me? If I remember correctly, every time I saw an Ann-Margret film back in those days I had to spend extra time in the confessional revealing a few additional impure thoughts. If case you were wondering I never mentioned her name to the priest. I don’t kiss and tell, not even in my dreams.  Anyway, enough confessional time. Back to the show. Continue reading

Advance Look at New E-book Cover

Book Cover Lessons in the Dark Final Final   Coming up with a book cover was interesting. It took time and some experimentation. Naturally, I wanted something that would relate to what was between the covers. Fortunately, as a photographer I have always liked to take photographs of movie theaters. I first began this project back in the 1970’s and still do it today when I travel. Whenever I come across an old classic theater, I photograph it. Continue reading

The Fox (1967) Mark Rydell


   Mark Rydell’s The Fox was released in Canada in December of 1967. Two months later, in early February, it opened in the U.S. I remember seeing the film back then with a full house of other filmgoers at the Festival theater in New York City. It’s based on an early novella by D.H. Lawrence, best known for the erotic Lady’s Chatterley’s Lover, a book just about every high school boy back in the day secretly read. Continue reading