John Wayne – American Hero?


   “John Wayne, an American Hero” is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot. I always wondered what made him a hero? His screen image certainly was heroic in many films, but that does not define heroism. He fought in a lot of wars on screen, byt that only made him a celluloid hero like Tom Cruise or Batman. What about in real life? Oops, The Duke never fought in the big war or any war. He stayed in Hollywood while others did the fighting.

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4 comments on “John Wayne – American Hero?

  1. Michael says:

    Lib nonsense trying to defame AN AMERICAN HERO. Nice try…but in the end….utter failure.


  2. kelleepratt says:

    John, I am a big fan of the on-screen persona that is the Duke. Love his films. Love his bigger than life charisma- I even attended the John Wayne Birthday Celebration in his hometown. But American hero? Nope. I mean, certainly not a war hero or military hero when that involves actually serving. And as you pointed out, there were other HIGH LEVEL actors and directors who witnessed action first hand. Which is not “lib nonsense,” just a fact.

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    • John Greco says:

      Kellee, I like a lot of films Wayne was in especially his Ford and Hawks works along with some others like The Shootist and Reap the Wild Wind. But some folks have transferred his on screen heroics into thinking it was real life. He didn’t serve in the military during the war or after. Off screen he held no appeal for me. Thanks!!!


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