On Hiatus

Twenty Four Frames will be on a short hiatus while I work on a few other projects during the coming weeks including the editing of my new collection of short stories that hopefully with be out later this year or early next year at the latest. The book is called Bitter Ends and will feature a collection of stories filled with murder, mayhem and other dark tales.  Anyone who has written a book knows that editing is at times a grueling, depressing, frustrating,  time consuming process.

Below is the current version of the book’s cover which is close to final, maybe a few small changes. I will still be posting on my other blog, John Greco Author/Photographer and will be updating readers on the book’s progress there as well as the other usual stuff. I would appreciate it if you follow.

Bitter Ends2-003 Preview


2 comments on “On Hiatus

  1. Editing is a daunting process. I finished my first novel a year ago. I went through the long and tedious process of self editing and then turned it over to my daughter who is a fantastic editor. Does she have a degree in English? No. Journalism? No. She just has a knack for the English language and the rules of sentence structure and punctuation. Anyway, congratulations on your new collection and good luck editing. Looking forward to reading it. I love the cover.


    • John Greco says:

      Thanks Pam, Editing seems like a never ending project. I start out using two programs, Grammarly and more recently I got Prowritngaid. Both are good but the latter is definitely more detailed. Then give it to my wife to read. She did a lot of business writing. Not exactly the same but still it helps.

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