Desk Set (1957) Walter Lang

“Desk Set” is not the best Tracy and Hepburn comedy. For that, you would have check out superior films like, “Adam’s Rib” or “Woman of the Year.”  Then again, it’s not the worst either, I personally reserve that position for the preachy, badly directed, annoyingly written but crowd pleasing, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.”  “Desk Set” is a charming piece thanks mostly to its charismatic beloved two stars. The film is also a look back at a time when computers, first entering the workplace, were so huge they required special rooms with specific climatic conditions. Today all that computer power is compacted into a laptop that you can carry anywhere. It was also a time when smoking in the office place was common and a no smoking sign was one of those special conditions reserved for the new computer room.  The film is also a reflection on how office politics has changed. Women were mostly regulated to secretarial jobs, or if they were in a supervisor position, like Hepburn, it was in a backroom reference library type position. Finally, there is the Christmas party, the kind filled with champagne overflowing with every bottle that is popped! Continue reading