One Hour Photo (2002) Mark Romanek

one_hour_photo_mrfzj“I just took pictures…” Sy Parrish

One Hour Photo is a sobering introspective look on why we are a world addicted to taking pictures. Today even more than ever we have this passion, desire, this need to record almost everything we do with a photograph. Many of us photograph as a sort of visual diary of family, friends, place we have been. For some of us, we take pictures to capture a fleeting moment that will never happen again. It could be a person’s expression or clouds patterns or waves crashing; they only happen once, and the camera catches it forever. For others taking photographs is a validation of sorts that yes we live, we exist. For Seymour “Sy” Parrish (Robin Williams) though, photographs are an escape from his painful past and an imaginary lifeline to a normal life. Continue reading

Reality – What a Concept

DEAUVILLE FESTIVAL: THE ACTOR ROBIN WILLIAMSThere was an unrelenting speed, a stream of maniacal comedic wildness, to Robin Williams that was unpredictable. It was a madness that fueled the audience with laughter of the highest of highs, and for Williams, with the lowest of lows. His sudden and unexpected death leaves our troubled world with the loss of a unique talent that brought laughter at a time when we all need it. With Robin Williams, you had to pay attention or you missed so much. He could never be in the background on your TV while you did the dishes. The jokes came way too fast.

To say, he was a genius is not an overstatement. His mind, and his mouth, moved at a twisted rate of unimaginable speed. While you were laughing at one joke, there were ten you missed. You sat there in amazement laughing and wondering how the hell does he do it?

Many younger audiences discovered Williams with Popeye, or maybe it was Hook. Other, even younger fans, first discovered him in Disney’s Aladdin and Shrek. For me, I go way back to the days when he made his first appearances as Mork from Ork in two episodes of Happy Days. This led to fame and fortune with his own series in Mork and Mindy. It was one of those shows everyone watched whether they admitted it or not.

But Robin Williams proved he was more than just a comedic genius. He was a damn fine dramatic actor too. He proved it in films like Good Will Hunting, for which he won an Academy Award, Dead Poet’s Society and the lesser known One Hour Photo. Williams demonstrated he could play is loud and wild as well as quiet, controlled and thoughtful.

Like all geniuses, he was one of a kind and we were lucky to have him in our life. Thanks Robin! Continue reading