My Twenty Five Top Film Noirs

film-noir-blackWhat is Film Noir? Well just take  look at Double Indemnity or Criss Cross and you will get the idea. Filled with treacherous woman and dumb men, along with odd camera angles and stark contrast like black and white photography, film noir’s peak period arguably ranges from 1941 to 1958. The term was coined by the French. After the war, an influx of American films began to flood the European cinemas. The French critics noticed a much darker, pessimistic, fatalistic tone in  many the films and coined the phase film noir or dark cinema. Continue reading

More Recent Happenings

This Saturday is National Classic Film Day and Twenty Four Frames is celebrating by joining an impressive group of bloggers for the My Favorite Classic Movie Blogathon. I will be writing about Billy Wilder’s Some Like it Hot, a film I fell in love with way back when. If you are interested in participating, contact Rick Armstrong at  You can read all about it, rules and other participants, etc. at the following link.

Blyth -EBook CoverI am currently reading Author, Playwright, New England Historian and fellow Blogger, Jacqueline T. Lynch’s upcoming biography of Ann Blyth, remembered best for her role as Veda in Mildred Pierce, However, Blyth had a long wide ranging career in film, music, television and theater. Ms. Lynch’s sparkling new bio covers it all in fascinating detail. I will be interviewing the author right here in the near future. The book, Ann Blyth: Actress Singer Star will be available June 18th.

Coming soon – new reviews here on Suddenly, Kid Galahad  and Crime Wave.

Recent Happenings

Just  a short note on a few recent happenings. First off, I was interviewed in mid-April by Chicago Tribune writer Nina Metz for an article she was writing on Chicago and the gangster film. Below is the link.

Next, I just want to mention that I am one of 19 contributors to a new e-book called “The Fabulous Films of the 30’s.”  The book is presented by the CMBA (Classic Movie Blog Association), edited by Danny Reid, and is free on Smashwords and just .99 cents for Amazon’s Kindle. Why free on Smashwords and .99 cents on Amazon? Well, the big “A” does not like to give away free stuff.  That said, all the proceeds from the sale of our book on Amazon will be donated to Film Preservation.

CMBA-Book Cover

Below are the links to both Smashwords and Amazon.

Finally, and on a slightly different subject, I wanted to mention that two of my photographs are currently on exhibit at the Octagon Arts Center in Clearwater, Fla. The exhibit runs through May 14th. If you are in the area, stop by and visit. There’s a wide variety of art work by local artists that I know you will enjoy.


They Are Photographers Too

Many actors, musicians and other artists have pursued second artistic careers during or after their main career. Many with a passion for creativity that could not be contained within one art form. Actors have pursued painting, sculpture and photography. Photographers have wanted to expand their art to filmmaking. Sculptures want to paint and painters want to sculpt. Artists of all kinds look to expand their vision though various media. It comes with the desire to create. Below are three actors and one musician who went on to express themselves in the art of photography.   Continue reading

5 Shades of Classic Films Sexier Than…

Here are five films that are sexier, steamier than anything 50 Shades of Grey will expose. Due to the Production Code’s innate rules Hollywood’s films of yesteryear had to find ways to express sexually within rules that would not allow nudity, long kisses or even married couples in bed together. Here are five films from the heyday of Hollywood that are sexier than 50 Shades of Grey. Continue reading

Oh, Grow Up!

JoanThe world could not afford to have lost two talented, funny people like we just did in recent weeks. Fanatical religious factions, power hungry world leaders and a seemingly uncontrollable breakout of Ebola just seem to have made the world a much sadder and frightening place.

Just a few weeks ago we lost the genius of Robin Williams and now Joan Rivers, leaving us in a much darker place with less to smile about. Like Williams, Joan Rivers was brilliantly fast with the comeback. She was an equal opportunity offender who targeted herself just as much as she did the rest of the world. Insensitive at times? Shocking? Offensive? Rivers would reply, “Oh, grow up!” Continue reading