The Films of John Lennon

In celebration of what would have been John’s 70th birthday, Twenty Four Frames presents a small tribute to The Films of John Lennon.

Lennon’s film career was a lot more than just The Beatles films. There was a solo acting role, documentaries, concert films and the avant-garde films he made with Yoko. If you include biographical films, soundtracks, archive footage, videos you are talking about hundreds.  This is just a sampling.

Here is a link to John and Yoko’s filmography.

There will be a free screening of the new documentary “Lennonyc”  in Central Park on October 9th. Click here for details. Attached here is a Village Voice article on the film and a new Lennon exhibit. PBS to broadcast “Lennonyc” beginning November 22nd (check local PBS stations for exact times).  DVD will be available on November 23rd. Click here for details.

New Lennon bio film “Nowhere Boy” opens this month in U.S. Click here for details. Click here for New York Times review.

Click here for New York Times article on John Lennon.

Here is a review I wrote on “Let It Be.”

Here is a Newspaper Ad for a Christmas rerelease of “A Hard Day’s Night.”

Here are some MOVIE POSTERS from Lennon films. 


8 comments on “The Films of John Lennon

  1. Sam Juliano says:

    It’s a timely showcase here for the rock era’s greatest figure. NOWHERE BOY of course (as you note) opens today at the Film Forum, and I plan to be there. Like you I consider John to be the hero of high school and college years, and 30 years later, he is still mourned.

    Wonderful homage here, and great review of LET IT BE.


  2. Judy says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what you both think of ‘Nowhere Boy’ – I thought it was great. And this is a great posting, John. I’ve always been a fan of Lennon (I listened to his albums countless times all through the 70s, though I was just a few years too young to be a Beatles fan) and will never forget the shock of hearing he had been shot.

    Unfortunately I didn’t have time to see the house where he grew up, which has been restored and opened to the public, on a brief visit to Liverpool – hope to go there again and do so, though. I saw a newspaper report that Bob Dylan recently went to see Lennon’s house and just bought a ticket like everyone else and went there on the bus – apparently nobody recognised him.


    • John Greco says:


      I am looking forward to NOWHERE BOY which I believe will open where I am in the coming weeks. It has been getting overall decent reviews here/ That’s interesting about Dylan not being recognized while visiting Lennon’s birth place. Thanks again!!!


  3. Judy says:

    PS – As I was typing that reply, my 16-year-old son said he had just put some of our Beatles albums on to his ipod, so it seems the next generation is busy getting into their music as a result of the publicity about Lennon’s anniversary.


  4. Sam Juliano says:

    Judy and John: Lucille and I saw NOWHERE BOY with two of the boys on Friday night at the Film Forum. All in all a perceptive and touching account of John’s formative years, with an impressive central performance. Probably the best Lennon film we’ve had to this point. I’ll have more to say.



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