Pitfall Review Now Appearing at Noirbabes.com


Noir fans check out my review of PITFALL now posted at the fantastic website NOIRBABES.COM.

5 comments on “Pitfall Review Now Appearing at Noirbabes.com

  1. Judy says:

    Are you going to put this review up here too, John? My eyesight isn’t up to the red on black type at their site!


  2. diane byrnes says:

    Hello John,
    I just read your review for “Pitfall”
    and thought it was fantastic. It is one
    of the films I have had on my wish list
    for quite a while – but now I will make
    an effort to seek it out. I don’t know a
    lot about film noir “but I know what I
    like” as the saying goes. Richard definately
    has a good site in “Noirbabes”.
    I will definately have to revisit “Lady Killer”
    and “Animal Crackers”.


    • John Greco says:

      Hello Diane and welcome!

      Glad you liked the review and do hope you get a chance to see PITFALL. It is a tough film to find.
      Yes, “Noirbabies” is terrific! Hope to hear from you again, thanks!


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