Where Are They? Baby Face Nelson (1957)

An occasional series on missing films. They are rarely, if ever, shown on TV and have never been released on video in any form. If anyone has any knowledge where these films have been shown, TV, a film festival or in a basement in your house please let me know.


The next film in this series is “Baby Face Nelson” directed by Don Siegel.




Siegel’s other films include the original 1956 verison of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”,  “Coogan’s Bluff”, “Madigan”, “Dirty Harry”, “Two Mules for Sister Sara”, “The Shootist” and many other great films. Mickey Rooney stars in the 1957 film about the violent and uncontrollable Baby Face Nelson, bank robber and killer. His real name was Lester Gillis and he became a member of John Dillinger’s gang participating in numerous crime sprees. After Dillinger’s death outside a movie house, Nelson became Public Enemy Number 1.




The film co-stars Leo Gordon as John Dillinger who starred earlier in another rare Siegel film, “Riot in Cellblock 11.” The film also co-stars Carolyn Jones as Sue, Nelson’s girlfriend.



In 2006, the Film Forum in New York City had a Don Siegel retrospective and “Baby Face Nelson” was given a rare showing. Elliot Stein in a review of the series in the Village Voice, said, “a ferocious Mickey Rooney gives the finest dramatic performance of his career.”



 The film received mostly negative reviews when first released (see New York Times review here ) however, since then the film has been praised by many film critics for Rooney’s performance and it violent action scenes. See this short review in the Chicago Reader.




The late 1950’s and early 1960’s saw a rash of low budget gangster films. Along with “Baby Face Nelson”, there was “Al Capone”, “Machine Gun Kelly”,  “The Purple Gang”, “The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond” and “Mad Dog Coll.”







In addtion to the Film Forum Don Siegel retrospective, “Baby Face Nelson” has been shown at a few other venues including a 2005 salute to Don Siegel at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The real question is when will this film be released on home video or shown on TCM?


In fact, many of Siegel’s film are among the missing, the previously mentioned “Riot in Cell Block 11”, the teenage gang film  “Crime in the Streets” with John Cassavetes, Sal Mineo and Mark Rydell, “The Lineup” with Eli Wallach, which had a rare showing on TCM last year and “Private Hell 36” with Ida Lupino to name a few. 




I saw “Baby Face Nelson” at the time of its original release. We (my father took me) saw it at the Loew’s Commodore on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  The Commodore in the 1960’s would gain legendary status when it became the Fillmore East  rock venue.  


Here is a list of the films mentioned in this post that are not available on home video.


Crime in the Streets

Riot in Cell Block 11

Private Hell 36

Mad Dog Coll

Al Capone (released on VHS OOP – No DVD release)

The Purple Gang

The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond  (released on VHS OOP – No DVD release)

The Lineup

Machine Gun Kelly (released on VHS OOP – No DVD release)



OOP VHS can still be found in some video stores and local libraries. Certainly worth checking out.

15 comments on “Where Are They? Baby Face Nelson (1957)

  1. i'm looking for baby face nelson with mickey rooney says:

    can you help me find it


    • John Greco says:

      Sorry, I wish I could help and I have tried even looking for unauthorized copies. I would like to get a copy myself.


      • JZimbalist says:

        Love the comments and overview of the film you have here; my late husband’s father was the film’s producer. There was a whole host of tangled legal issues that still prevent the film’s release to video; I’ve talked to people from the time who saw the original release and told me that Rooney absolutely scared the bejesus out of them with his performance. I would love to see the film released to DVD and as a special in theatre production, especially given it’s status as one of Siegel’s finest productions. Maybe there will be enough of a demand from the public to give the distributors enough of a push to get it released.

        J. Zimbalist


    • ROSCOE says:



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  3. Kitty says:

    Michael Badalucco did a hilarious, and touching, portrayal of George “Not Baby Face!” Nelson in the Coen brothers’ movie, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”


  4. John Greco says:


    Thanks very much for your comments. There are so many films that get caught in a legal mess holding up a home video release. What a shame, I have not seen this film in many, many years but I remembeer being thrilled by it,

    I also want to thank you for your background information on your late husband’s father. I just looked him up on IMDB and noticed that I saw one of his other films, “Young Dillinger” with Nick Adams. That is another films that seems to be among the missing.


  5. John Greco says:


    ha! yes, I remember that well.


    • JZimbalist says:

      Yes, YD occasionally shows up on TCM, but ever so rarely. Too bad Nick Adams wasn’t around longer, always thought he was a handsome roguish type.



      • John Greco says:

        Jacqueline, I remember Nick Adams too from the TV series he did, THE REBEL which I believe was on in the very late 50’s or early 60’s. Johnny Cash, I remember sang the theme song that became a pretty good size hit.


  6. Omegaman says:

    So, who has possession of the 1957 BabyGace Nelson film, and why won’t they air it.


  7. bob deubell says:

    amazing enough, babyface nelson is available! from R&B enterprises 203-790-8235 15 bucks post paid


  8. Geoff says:

    Playing on You Tube.


  9. Paul Barrett says:

    Babyface Nelson made me a JD far more than any James Dean film. Tho’ I loathed Andy Hardy. Mickey in his late 50s gangsters movies was terriffic. ‘Nelson’ being his best but ‘The Last Mile’ followed by ‘The Big Operator’ were not bad either. Thanfully gotten over my wanna be stage. I would love to see these films at least one more time.


  10. John Greco says:

    Welcome Paul!

    I actually have not seen the two other films you mention, heard of them, and will have to keep an eye out for both. I always liked Rooney as a tough guy, for me, BABY FACE NELSON was one of his best roles. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here!


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